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spinal cord injury (sci) info.

the normal spinal cordmake money online uk amazon
the spinal cord is about 18 inches long and extends from the base of the brain, down the middle of the back, to about the waist. because the spinal cord is such an important part of our nervous system, it is surrounded and protected by bones called vertebrae.

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the spinal column is divided into four sections. the top portion is the cervical area. it has eight cervical nerves and seven cervical vertebrae. moving down the back, the next section is the thoracic area. it includes the chest area and has twelve thoracic vertebrae. the lower back section is the lumbar area and has five lumbar vertebrae. the bottom section has five sacral vertebrae and is the sacral area. the bones in the sacral section are actually fused together into one bone.

the spinal cord after an injury
after a spinal cord injury, all the nerves above the level of injury keep working like they always have. from the point of injury and below, the spinal cord nerves cannot send messages between the brain and parts of the body like they did before the injury. a person's injury is described by its level and type. the higher the spinal cord injury is on the vertebral column, or the closer it is to the brain, the more effect it has on how the body moves and what one can feel. every spinal cord injury is different, but more movement, feeling and voluntary control of the body's systems are generally present with a lower level of injury.

are there cures for sci?
new discoveries continue to be made. there are no cures but there is always hope. most sci patients have some degree of improved condition depending on the severity of their injury.

lifetime costs:
the average yearly health care and living expenses and the estimated lifetime costs that are directly attributable to sci vary greatly according to severity of injury.

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severity of injury -------------------------------------- first year ----------- subsequent years
- high tetraplegia (c1-c4) ------------------------- $985,774---------------- $171,183
- low tetraplegia (c5-c8) -------------------------- $712,308 -------------- $105,013
- paraplegia --------------------------------------------- $480,431 -------------- $63,643
- incomplete motor functional at any level ------ $321,720 -------------- $39,077

*these facts are published by the national spinal cord injury statistical center (nscisc)

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