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i rejoice in small miracles
  i believe dreams are made to push us to be great
i recognize that everyone needs someone
jcsci foundation
  one of the biggest obstacles my family and i faced after being discharged from the hospital was locating and taking advantage of the various products, services, and programs available. we would hear of one program here and a service there and then get a tip to help with this or that by talking to people living with a similar disability, but then have no idea how to go about getting that service or program because we only had a part of the solution. my family and i were left to fill in the gaps ourselves. the whole process took an incredible amount of time, effort, and patience as each person we talked to had not the solution, but rather another puzzle piece to put with the others. it's as if families of and persons with a spinal cord injury don't already have enough to deal with, they also have to learn like circus tigers how to jump through hoops to get the resources they need. nobody can overcome the incredible adversity of a spinal cord injury alone. i know i would be nothing and nowhere if it weren't for my family and friends support. there's no point in each of us reinventing the wheel every time we need to do something or go somewhere. we hope to provide you with the tools and resources needed for success, and the ?sci resources? section, although not all-encompassing, will provide you with a wealth of important knowledge and resources toward that end. please write to us if you have any questions or concerns not addressed by this section as there are many more resources out there than what we're able to publish on the site. in the same light, we would greatly appreciate any input concerning information or resources which might be helpful to our community. - justin


- justin cochran
sci resources
- spinal cord injury
- national site for health insurance
links to individual state websites:
- ga - ky - nc - sc - al - fl

- assistive technology database
- everything wheelchairs

living assistance

- nurses and aides
- brain and spinal injury trust fund
- atlanta legal aid society
- paralyzed veterans of america
- workers compensation

future treatments

- sci treatments

- vocational rehabilitation
- federal financial assistance

living with no limits

- park access in tennessee
- adaptive sailing
- skydiving

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our mission is to educate, encourage, and inspire those affected by spinal cord injuries by providing information and resources to aid spinal cord injury survivors, their family and caregivers on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle after an injury.
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jcsci foundation, inc.
p.o. box 52244
p.o. box 52244
knoxville, tn 37950
> info@jcscifoundation.org

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