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health insurance and compensation


medicaid - main website

georgia medicaid

tennessee medicaid

kentucky medicaid

north carolina medicaid

south carolina medicaid

alabama medicaid

florida medicaid


workers compensation

georgia workers' compensation

tennessee worker's compensation

kentucky workers compensation

south carolina workers compensation

alabama workers compensation

florida workers compensation



disability assistance/advocacy organizations


aadd - atlanta alliance on developmental disabilities;

bsitf - the brain and spinal injury trust fund;??the trust fund, created by people who?ve had a traumatic injury, pays for services and goods that are needed to live in the community after a person has been discharged from an acute care setting.

atlanta legal aid society ??legal organization which has been representing atlanta's poor in civil legal cases since 1924.??they work with clients from clayton, cobb, dekalb, fulton, and gwinnett counties in georgia.

disability link ??provides training and education in self, community, and system wide advocacy, peer supporting, independent living skills training, ada rights, etc..????/span>

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rosalynn carter institute for caregiving
>social security and disability resource center
wheelchair companies - great web site links page for nearly all wheelchair companies.
abledata - assistive technology database providing information and company links for various products. highly recommended.??
description from another site:

a federally funded database whose primary mission is to provide information on assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources. the database contains information on more than 29,000 assistive technology products with detailed descriptions of each product including price and company information.  it also contains information on non-commercial prototypes, customized and one-of-a-kind products, and do-it-yourself designs.


department of education assistive technology program - describes and provides information and links about the department's requirements and activities concerning assistive technology.
kentucky department of vocational rehabilitation

georgia department of vocational rehabilitation

tennessee department of vocational rehabilitation

north carolina department of vocational rehabilitation

south carolina department of vocational rehabilitation

alabama department of vocational rehabilitation

florida department of vocational rehabilitation


sci general information

american association of spinal cord injury nurses

american association of spinal cord injury psychologists and social workers

american paraplegia society

american paralysis association

american spine injury association (asia)

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canadian paraplegic association

christopher and dana reeve paralysis resource center is a national clearinghouse for information, referral and educational materials on paralysis and spinal cord injury.

consortium for spinal cord medicine

the healthy gimp - disability & spinal cord injury information

injuryboard.com - spinal cord injury resource

national spinal cord injury association (official site)

nscia - greater boston chapter

national spinal cord injury association of illinois

paralyzed veterans of america


rick hansen institute

rvl s.c.o.r.e. international--a not-for profit organization that assists paralyzed individuals


spinal cord injuries australia

spinalcord injury information network

spinal cord injury manual for patients and families

spinal cord injury resource center

spinal cord society

syringomyelia facts

the quad link

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the spinal cord injury - for your information (sci-fyi) resource guide

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the steadward centre for personal & physical achievement. (was rick hansen center)

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sci info pages ??website links concerning many different aspects of sci.


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